Our practice areas


Commercial contracts

We provide assistance in reviewing, negotiating and drafting the commercial contracts typically involved in our clients’ business performance and development (such as distribution, agency, transfer-license of technology, franchising and energy performance contracts), taking care also of relevant compliance with consumers’ rights protection.

Competition and Antitrust

We assist clients in all fields of EC and national competition law, such as cartels and issues relating to abuse of dominant position, including assistance to clients in a number of proceedings before the Italian Competition Authority and the European Commission and relevant Courts.

We are regularly involved in pre-merger filing activities, securing clearances of all kind of transactions notified before the European Commission or national competition authorities by our clients active in several economic sectors. We assist companies in their business development in compliance with EC/Italian competition law, also in projecting and presenting competition law compliance training program to managers and employees, as well as in the restructuring or reorganization of companies’ distribution policy and commercial network.



Corporate and M&A

We provide assistance with respect to any day by day corporate issues, as well as any corporate transactions, such as acquisitions, sales and contributions of businesses, lines of business, real estate or other assets, equity investments, mergers and spin-offs, and issuances of bonds or other financial instruments.

In private equity or venture capital transactions, assistance is provided to investors and businesses from the early stages of the envisaged projects to their structuring and completion, including exit solutions. The advice and assistance provided relates to all activities of legal nature that are typically involved in the aforementioned transactions, including the optimization of the structure of the transaction, the identification of its phases, timelines and procedures, the due diligence process, the analysis of the issues, the procedures for the selection of possible partners or counterparties, the negotiation of the terms and conditions of the transaction, the drafting of contracts and corporate documents (sale and purchase agreements, shareholders' agreements, service contracts, loan agreements, corporate resolutions, capital increase acts, incorporations of special purpose vehicles, etc.), as well as the drafting of the communications to the public authorities, where necessary.

Restructuring and Insolvency

Assistance is provided in the field of corporate crisis, turnaround processes and debt restructuring agreements. We provide advice with respect to restructuring operations in accordance with the procedures set forth by Italian laws.



Labour and Employment

The service provided includes assistance to clients in any issues and disputes related to labour and trade unions laws. We provide assistance to clients in establishing and managing employment relationships with human resources, with specific focus on:

• the drafting of all types of employment contracts, consultancy or collaboration agreements;
• the amendment of forms used by multinational groups of companies to ensure compliance with Italian law;
  • the drafting of internal regulations, policies and procedures for the collection of personal data and use of electronic or software systems/devices; 
• the drafting of incentive (e.g. bonus plans) and retention (e.g. stock option plans) plans;
• the drafting and implementation of internal disciplinary codes and/or codes of ethics; 
• the assistance in settlement procedures before competent labour offices or panels; 
• the assistance in day-by-day management of the employment relationships (e.g. drafting of deeds within the context of disciplinary procedures, etc.); 
• the management of all labour law related issues arising in connection with M&A transactions; 
• the assistance in attending and managing trade unions meetings and the relevant drafting of eventual agreements reached in this context; 
• the assistance to manage claims, both out-of-court and judicial claims, related to individual and collective proceedings.

Real Estate

We provide assistance in structuring and implementing a wide range of real estate transactions, from the sale and purchase of property portfolios (through asset deals, share deals and fund-related structures) to property developments, restructuring and letting.

Our clients include domestic and international real estate owners, developers and investors (including real estate funds and SGRs) operating in the hotel, office, residential, retail and logistic markets.
• The services we provide in this practice area include:
legal due diligence;
• acquisition and disposal of single assets or property portfolios;
• acquisition and disposal of real estate companies;
• establishment of joint ventures and special purpose vehicles;
• establishment and management of real estate funds;
• development (also on turn-key basis) and restructuring of shopping centres, flagship stores, logistic warehouses, hotels, offices and residential buildings;
• long-term leases and sale and lease-back transactions.
In this context, innovative solutions have been developed in light of the most advanced international expertise and in accordance with the applicable Italian legislation.



Public Utilities, Procurement and Project Financing

We assist clients (public administrations, multiutilities, Escos, waste management companies) in projecting and implementing the assignment and management of public utilities of economic relevance, taking care also of all relevant legal compliance concerns.

We gained specific experience in projecting and implementing Public-Private-Partnerships agreements through project financing deals in particular (e.g. in the public lighting and energy efficiency sectors).


We provide assistance in any judicial proceedings in front of Italian Civil and Administrative Courts, including the Superior Courts of competent jurisdiction. Legal assistance includes corporate actions, with particular reference to lawsuits towards directors and corporate auditors, as well as litigations arising out of public tender procedures.

We provide judicial debt recovery activities. Extensive experience in the negotiation of settlement agreements has been gained.